Rainbird Umbrellas stocks and supplies a complete range of umbrellas: from the smallest micro mini (or pocket) rain umbrella through to large outdoor umbrellas. We have a range of products in all these umbrella categories: golf, mens, ladies, unisex, and children's umbrellas in long and folding styles, art and other specialty umbrellas, beach umbrellas, garden umbrellas, outdoor and market umbrellas, and accessories. Most umbrellas can be screen printed to suit customer requirements.

Apart from the Rainbird brand, specific application umbrellas are sold under the Penguin and Seagull brands, while the Seagull brand features on our rainwear products - best known for disposable raincoats and ponchos.

As a member of APPA, Rainbird is committed to supporting the efforts of distributor companies of promotional products in Australia. This is another way that Rainbird differentiates itself from other umbrella suppliers: with a focus on the needs of distributors, our business grows as distributors' businesses grow. This team approach to supplying promotional marketing products is recognized throughout the industry as protecting the interests of distributors.